Fectfinder (sister of Nextgem) - The latest FEC-detection tool utilizing best-in-class Know Your Customer processes and state-of-the-art AI.

New first-of-its-kind tool that effectively prevents and detects financial economic crime (FEC).

Utrecht, The Netherlands – March 23, 2021 – With financial economic crime on the rise, the Dutch technology company, Fectfinder, is today announcing the release of their brand new financial economic crime detection (FEC) tool, available for every business, big and small. Supporting the end-to-end process and ensuring compliance and maximum effectiveness, Fectfinder is the first system of its kind. The system modular enables optimal collaboration between risk management, investigators and AI.

“In the past 24 months alone, financial institutions have reported a mind-staggering US$42 billion in losses due to fraud – detecting FEC is an extremely difficult task and you find yourself constantly trying to catch up,” said Robin Bakker, Fectfinder Founder and CTO. “This is why we have created Fectfinder. What sets our tool apart is the continuous optimization of the software alongside the user through the integration of the winning combination of rule-based and AI technology. After spending decades working directly with financial institutions on fraud detection, we know how important it is to build a tool that contains all the important detection features in one system. Fectfinder provides all that and ensures financial institutions are compliant, effective and efficient.”

“Fectfinder continuously looks for the best ways to improve financial economic crime detection tools, and Fectfinder really offers some unique solutions for fraud prevention in an ever-increasing and complex landscape of FEC,” said Marcel de Boeren, Fectfinder Founder and CEO. “The unique combination of AI and rule-based technology and the user-friendly interface makes Fectfinder a clear winner in the market of FEC-detection tools.”

To find out more, visit www.fectfinder.com and subscribe to the upcoming webinar.  

About Fectfinder

We at Fectfinder build tools that help fight financial economic crime (FEC). Created by Robin Bakker and Marcel Boeren as a sister company of Nextgem, Fectfinder was born out of the idea to build a single tool that ensures compliance and effectiveness with minimal effort so that financial institutions can focus on what’s most important – focusing on their core business while keeping their business safe.

The dynamic team behind Fectfinder is comprised of highly skilled experts in the fields of software development, AI and risk management. They are passionate about making the world a safer place by providing tech solutions that continuously evolve and learn. More at www.fectfinder.com and LinkedIn.

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